About Me

I'm a PhD candidate in linguistics at MIT. I apply probabilistic, computational methods to investigate how morphology is learned, particularly non-concatenative morphology in Arabic and Hebrew.

I love to code, particularly on projects for language learners. As a keen student of languages myself, I have many ideas for how to improve educational technology for language learning. See the Fuzzy Arabic Dictionary for an example.

I mostly code in Python and JavaScript, and I've also explored functional programming with Scala. I've an enthusiastic member of the Python community in Boston and further afield, attending, and sometimes speaking at, Boston Python, PyLadies Boston, PyCon, and PyData. I'm an organiser at both Boston Python and PyLadies Boston, and have served on PyCon's Program Committee.

I'm currently in my final year at MIT and looking for a job in the Boston area as a software engineer or data scientist, preferably in work relating to language in some way, such as natural language processing or language learning. You can check out my résumé here, and contact me at myfirstname.lastname@gmail.com if you'd like to talk.