Michelle Fullwood

My life revolves around words, language, and stories. Oh, and I also love maps. You'll see this in my projects:

Fiction Science In progress

What makes some pieces of fiction more popular than others? More slash, fewer adverbs? A data science project, based on fanfiction corpora.

Maps that look like other maps Gallery coming soon

An experiment applying neural style transfer to, well, maps.

Fuzzy Arabic Dictionary

Look up Arabic words, even when you don't know how to spell them. Read more.

A linguistic street map of Singapore

A street map of Singapore in which every road is colour-coded with the language of origin of its road name. Read more. (7 posts)

Twide and Twejudice

My entry into NanoGenMo 2014: A version of Pride and Prejudice in which every word of dialogue is replaced with a word used in a similar context...on Twitter. For example:
"Miss Elizabeth Bennet!" repeated Miss Bingley. "I am all neurosis. How loooooooong has shhe been suuuch a sxey?"
This received some media coverage on Verge, Clarkesworld, and ozy.com. The "Making Of ..." blogpost is here.


A tool that helps English learners figure out which syllables to stress. Read more.
See more on my github, or read my blog.